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Canyon Lake Martial Arts is the host location for Street Smart Self Defense System & Mixed Martial Arts at Canyon Lake. Street Smart is one of the Business Partners teaching Martial Arts & MMA Training at Canyon Lake Event Center ...

Visit Street Smart MMA website or Garimot Texas facebook page for more information.

Street Smart Schedule

Street Smart Schedule (12/01/2013)

Street Smart

Monday & Wednesday

3:30 PM TO 4:15 PM (45 min)

Street Smart

Monday & Wednesday

4:15 PM TO 5:00 PM (45 min)

Street Smart

Monday & Wednesday

5:00 PM TO 5:45 PM (45 min)

All Classes Subject to Event Center Scheduling Conflicts!

Jayson Pena

Jayson Pena information

Sports/Training Policy

Canyon Lake Event Center may be used as a Sports facility for Fitness, Training, or Practice; including Martial Arts & MMA Training and Tumbling & Gymnastics. The Event Center can also be used for Competition; however, The Event Center may not be used as a 'Fight Club', or for actual Combative Sports, such as Boxing or Cage Fighting ...

Waiver & Release of Liability Required

Canyon Lake Event Center requires that an Adult Participant, or the Parent or Guardian of a Minor Participant, complete & sign our Waiver & Release of Liability before participation is allowed in this event/activity. Our Waivers are based upon industry standards, and can be reviewed online here. Please let us know if you have completed a Waiver for us within the last year, we will be glad to confirm and save you the hassle of doing it again ...