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Sleepover/Slumber Party

JumpIn! Dance! can host a Sleepover/Slumber Party for your Child & Friends, for your Scout Troop, or for any Other Youth Group! Parties can begin on Friday or Saturday Evening, and last until 8:00 AM the next morning! When you book your child's Birthday/Theme Party consider making it a Sleepover/Slumber Party! ...

Age of Children

JumpIn! Dance! has no set Minimum age, but we prefer at least Kindergarten age kids. Kids must be able to mind who they are told to mind, and must have successfully spent the night away from home already! We also have no Maximum age limit. We recommend that all kids at your Sleepover/Slumber Party be about the same age group. "Co-Ed" parties may be available based upon age of kids! Adult chaperones at a Sleepover/Slumber Party are welcome, but usually not required.

'After' Parties

You are welcome to include a separate Sleepover/Slumber Party after your Birthday/Theme Party; however, if not all kids are invited to the Sleepover - please be careful about hurt feelings! We suggest that before the Party, you politely inform Parents with Children that are not invited to stay at the Sleepover that you had to limit the count or the age of kids. Separate invitations for the Party and the Sleepover are also a good idea!

Availability & Pricing

Your Sleepover/Slumber Party is by reservation only and requires a non-refundable deposit to guarantee the date. These parties include Drinks & Snacks. Pizzas, Hotdogs or other pre-cooked foods can be made available by special request, or you may provide Refreshments yourself! We can work with your Scout Group (or Other Youth Group) to provide a per person rate, based upon expected turnout. Please Contact CLEC for more information about availability & pricing.

Safety & Security

Canyon Lake Event Center is serious about Safety & Security at our facility. Personnel & Instructors, Business Partners, Clients, and Guests are expected to conduct themselves appropriately ...

Security Camera System

All persons entering Event Center property should be aware that we maintain a Security Camera System. For our security and yours, this system automatically records 24/7, covering all areas and doorways, except inside rest rooms. Also, this system allows remote internet monitoring, and we may allow internet access to Clients or Guests during certain events ...

Waiver & Release of Liability Required

Canyon Lake Event Center requires that an Adult Participant, or the Parent or Guardian of a Minor Participant, complete & sign our Waiver & Release of Liability before participation is allowed in this event/activity. Our Waivers are based upon industry standards, and can be reviewed online here. Please let us know if you have completed a Waiver for us within the last year, we will be glad to confirm and save you the hassle of doing it again ...

Youth Event FAQs/Rules

Since everyone must get along when parents are not at The Event Center, we ask that every child know the following before arriving ...