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The Event Center is available for your Private/Overnight Party, such as 'After Parties' for Whitewater Amphitheater Concerts! Generally, Private/Overnight Parties are Private Rentals available Friday or Saturday between 11PM and 5AM (1 hour before & 1 hour after available for setup/cleanup (our operating hours are usually 8AM to 10PM).

Overnight Private Parties are perfect for:

  • Exclusive Band & Band Staff after-concert wind-down parties
  • 'Invitation Only' or 'Ticket Holder' after-concert parties

Alcohol Beverages (BYOB)

At this event, Adult Clients & Guests (21 & over) may BYOB ("Bring Your Own Bottle" of liquor, wine or beer) according to Texas Law, and provided that each Client and Guest complies with The Event Center Alcohol Beverage Policy.

Beverages/Setups Available

Setups (sodas/juices/mixers) and non-alcoholic beverages (Water/Tea/Coffee) will be available (snacks & some garnishes, too). Read more: Beverages/Setups Available

Food/Snacks Available

The Event Center always has a selection of pre-packaged foods available for snacking! We do not have a kitchen for food preparation, but at certain events we may offer a limited selection of pre-cooked (fozen) foods ready to heat-n-serve. Read more: Food/Snacks Available

Tobacco Free Facility

Although The Event Center is a Tobacco Free Environment, smokers are welcome to use our front porch; or when setup, our front yard canopy. Please see The Event Center Tobacco Use Policy.