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All persons entering Event Center property should be aware that we maintain a Security Camera System. For our security and yours, this system automatically records 24/7, covering all areas and doorways, except inside rest rooms. Also, this system allows remote internet monitoring, and we may allow internet access to Clients or Guests during certain events ...

Camera Access

Camera access is usually reserved for PARENT/GUARDIAN ONLY during events that their children attend without them. Please ask when you drop-off your child to obtain credentials (Login ID & Password) for access. FYI: We try to change credentials between Events, so do not assume previous access will work!

Access from Computer

MS Internet Explorer

Our camera system access requires DirectX, which makes it limited to Personal Computers with Microsoft Internet Explorer (at this time Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc. will not work.)

Logging In

To access our Security Cameras, Click This Link (or Copy & Paste into Microsoft Internet Explorer).

Required Software

The first time you access this system from a PC, you will be asked to install an ActiveX object. If you have any problems, please see this article from (the manufacturer of our Security System): Installing and Configuring ActiveX Add-On or ActiveX Settings for Internet Explorer 9 (IE9).