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Canyon Lake Event Center is a Family & Youth Oriented Facility whose owners are working parents that recognize the efforts required to coordinate Parent & Child schedules. Provided that certain conditions are met, The Event Center may allow Unattended Children Policy during Fitness or Training Classes. Please understand that The Event Center is not a Child Care Facility, that your Child may not be supervised at all times, and that we offer this as a courtesy only ...

Unattended Children Are Welcome:

On a day the Child or Parent or Sibling has Fitness/Training Class:

  • after School (especially those walking from Mountain Valley Middle School) before or after Class; or,
  • while Parent or Sibling is attending Fitness/Training Class; or,
  • by prior special arrangement with Event Center Staff.

Appropriate Behavior:

Children should stay in the lobby, or stay near Parent while in class.
Children must stay INSIDE unless PARENT otherwise authorizes Child to go outside.
Children must mind Event Center Personnel & Instructors and obey instructions & warnings.
Children must not interrupt a Class: no "in & out" of a room where any Class is in session.
Children must be an appropriate age: potty trained, past tantrum phase, etc.
Children must be able to: self-entertain, share, take care of property, tolerate others, etc.

Notice Required:

Parents! If your child is scheduled to arrive when you will not at be The Event Center, then we must know when to expect your child and when not to expect them. If we normally expect your child, please call and let us know if we should not expect them. Also, if an alternate person is going to pickup, please note that on your Waiver & Release of Liability!

Waiver & Release of Liability Required

Canyon Lake Event Center requires that an Adult Participant, or the Parent or Guardian of a Minor Participant, complete & sign our Waiver & Release of Liability before participation is allowed in this event/activity. Our Waivers are based upon industry standards, and can be reviewed online here. Please let us know if you have completed a Waiver for us within the last year, we will be glad to confirm and save you the hassle of doing it again ...