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Canyon Lake Event Center may be used as a Sports facility for Fitness, Training, or Practice; including Martial Arts & MMA Training and Tumbling & Gymnastics. The Event Center can also be used for Competition; however, The Event Center may not be used as a 'Fight Club', or for actual Combative Sports, such as Boxing or Cage Fighting ...

Safety First

At all times during all events, SAFETY must remain top priority. The Event Center requires all Partners, Clients & Guests (or Parent of Client or Guest) to sign & acknowledge one of our written Release & Waiver; however, no release removes the obligation of Personnel, Partners, Clients or Guests from acting in a safe manner.

Qualified Instructor Required

Previously qualified and approved Personnel & Instructors must be Present and Attentive during any Contact Sports activity. Participants will cease Contact Sport immediately if an Instructor is not present and attentive. Participants will mind all printed instructions, and immediately obey any oral instructions, provided by an Instructor or other Event Center Personnel.

Contact Sports Involving Minors

All contact between individuals under the age of 18 must be supervised. Females under the age of 18 will participate with other females, or with male instructors, only.

Contact Sports "Tap Out"

The term "Tap, Snap, or Nap" does not apply at The Event Center! Participants at this facility will recognize "Tap" only, and a Tap will be honored IMMEDIATELY, or Participant is disqualified from continued participation.

Proper Use of Equipment

All equipment brought into The Event Center must be designed and certified for the intended use of that equipment. All equipment will only be used as designed and only for the purpose designed.

Sharps Not Allowed

No sharp pointed or bladed equipment is allowed in The Event Center (knives, swords, dagggers, arrows, sticks, etc)! Practice/dummy devices may be used as designed.