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This Contract & Payment Policy pertains to Regularly Occurring Classes & Training Sessions sponsored by Canyon Lake Event Center, or Event Center Affiliates (e.g. Canyon Lake Fitness, Get FIT! Be FIT!), or Event Center Partners (e.g. College of Martial Arts, Firehawk Fitness, Street Smart SDS/MMA). Generally, The Event Center Clients Contracts may be required for some Sessions. Client Payments are usually 'Pay Per Session' or 'Pay Per Month', with discounts available by purchasing a Multiple Session Card, or making Recurring Monthly Payment by the Fifth Day of a Calendar Month, or having multiple Family Members, or participating in Multiple Session Types ...


Generally, Canyon Lake Event Center and Event Center Affiliates (Canyon Lake Fitness, Get FIT! Be FIT!) do not require a Client Contract or Commitment for Training Sessions. However, The Event Center may request a Client Contract on behalf of our Business Partners, or a Business Partners may separately request Client Contracts.

Canyon Lake Event Center requires a Waiver & Release of Liability for each Adult & Child that may participate in any Session at The Event Center.




Generally, Canyon Lake Event Center does not charge Registration or Other One-Time Fees for Training Sessions. Other than Session Payments, the only additional expenses you may be asked to provide may be for items like necessary equipment or gear; such as Sport Clothing (Karate Gi, color belt, etc) or Personal Safety Gear (mouth guard, head gear, etc). (Business Partners may request additional fees.)

About Discounts

Instead of trying to lock people into contracts or long-term commitments, Canyon Lake Event Center and Event Center Affiliates prefer using good customer care and payment incentives to help keep our clients involved in their own training.

Multiple Session Card

Generally, a client may purchase a 'Punch Card' of multiple sessions and receive one or more addtional sessions for free. For example, Zumba Classes are $5 per class, but you may buy a 10 Class Punch Card for $50 and receive 2 Free Class Cards also.

Recurring Monthly Payment

First month payments and payments received after the 5th of the month will be prorated based upon the count of weekdays after the 5th and to the end of that month. The Event Center maintains a monthly prorata calculation calendar for this purpose.

Family Member Discounts

Generally, "family member" means Husband/Wife, Parent/Child, or Sibings that reside in same household.

Multiple Session Types

Add Get FIT! Be FIT! to another Monthly Training Session for $15 per month (1/2 regular monthly cost)! For example: Zumba Fitness + Get FIT! Be FIT! is only $65/month ($50 + $15)!

Introductory Discounts

For example: Get FIT! Be FIT! Regular Rate is $35/month with an 'open ended' Introductory Rate of $30/month ($25/month with Recurring Monthly Payment Discount).

Combining Discounts