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Canyon Lake Event Center maintains Personnel Profiles for Affiliate Staff as well as Business Partner Personnel that are regularly at The Event Center. Please note that we are a Youth & Family Oriented Facility, therefore we maintain a No Sex Offender Staff Policy.

Affiliate Staff:

Billie Kay Watts

Billie Kay is Co-Owner of The Event Center. She is one of our Canyon Lake Fitness Instructors that teaches Zumba Fitness and Vegas Stiletto Fitness.

Scott Mozisek

Scott Mozisek is Co-Owner of Canyon Lake Event Center. He also operates Canyon Lake Photography & Graphics and Atomic Railroad Consulting.

Partner Staff:

Austin Mussa

Austin Mussa is the Owner of and Instructor at , one of our Business Partners associated with Canyon Lake Fitness.

Barry Kyle

Barry Kyle is the Owner & Operator of Canyon Lake Performing Arts Center. Barry teaches Hip-Hop Dance Lessons for Canyon Lake Fitness.

Chris Armstrong

Chris Armstrong is Owner of Firehawk Fitness, a Business Partner associated with Canyon Lake Martial Arts. Chris holds 2 First Place Championships from NAGA (North American Grappling Association)!

Shawn Sawyer

Shawn Sawyer is a Tang Soo Do 4th GUP Black Belt and was an United States Marine! Shawn is a co-owner of College of Martial Arts and is one of our Martial Arts & MMA Training Instructors. He teaches and CardioKick/BootCamp at .

Jayson Pena

Jayson Pena information

Personnel Policies:

Sex Offender Policy

THE EVENT CENTER WILL NOT KNOWINGLY EMPLOY, CONTRACT OR PARTNER WITH A REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER - NO MATTER THE ALLEGED SITUATION! Canyon Lake Event Center is a Family & Youth Oriented Facility! Since so much of what we do is CHILD ORIENTED, we vet all potential Business Partners and Personnel & Instructors before allowing them to work at The Event Center.

Contact CLEC for more information.