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Candy Mountain Shaved Ice is located on Sattler Road in Sattler Texas, directly behind Canyon Lake Event Center, and across the street from Mountain Valley Middle School & Lowe's Grocery Store. Pat Cade has owned and operated Candy Mountain Shaved Ice ( in the Canyon Lake Area since 2000!

Candy Mountain Shaved Ice is usually open Mondays through Saturdays from about 1:00pm until 7:00pm - of course that depends on the season and the weather! With more than 100 Shaved Ice Flavors, you can mix combinations and never have the same cup twice when you visit ! Expect a blank stare when you just say something like "Cherry" or "Strawberry" - you gotta add "Just" or "Black" or "CheeseCake" or "ShortCake" or "Bubble Gum" or some other description to get the one you want!

Pat is a really nice person that many kids in the area recognize as Ms. Cade from her substitute teaching at local schools! If you need to get in touch with her about Candy Mountain, call her at 210-862-0787.

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