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Overnight Lockin

JumpIn! Dance! sponsors and hosts Overnight Lockin Open to the Public on certain Friday or Saturday Evenings until 8:00am the next morning. Kids get a chance to spend the night away from home while parents know that are having fun in a safe environment! ...

Age of Children

Generally, JumpIn! Dance! limits attendance to kids from Grade School Age to Pre-Teen (about 5 to 12 years old). Parent Night Out are usually "Co-Ed" parties, and adult chaperones are always present. Additional chaperones are welcome, but usually not necessary.

Party Rates

Please contact CLEC for Parent Night Out rates! Prepaid, Family, & Group discounts are available. Snacks, Drinks and other Refreshments included.

Coincide with Adult Events not Held at The Event Center

JumpIn! Dance! will work with the Canyon Lake Community to provide a Overnight Lockin to coincide with an Event scheduled elsewhere! If you are planning an event and would like a place for younger kids - give us a call! (See Parent Night Out also.)

Scheduled Events

We usually schedule a Overnight Lockin at 6:00PM on New Years Eve! Please Contact CLEC for more information about scheduling.

Safety & Security

Canyon Lake Event Center is serious about Safety & Security at our facility. Personnel & Instructors, Business Partners, Clients, and Guests are expected to conduct themselves appropriately ...

Security Camera Access

CLEC Internet Security Camera access is available during this event.

Waiver & Release of Liability Required

Canyon Lake Event Center requires that an Adult Participant, or the Parent or Guardian of a Minor Participant, complete & sign our Waiver & Release of Liability before participation is allowed in this event/activity. Our Waivers are based upon industry standards, and can be reviewed online here. Please let us know if you have completed a Waiver for us within the last year, we will be glad to confirm and save you the hassle of doing it again ...

Youth Event FAQs/Rules

Since everyone must get along when parents are not at The Event Center, we ask that every child know the following before arriving ...