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For most Parties or Events, can provide these Items or Equipment without additional charge:

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Consumable Supplies

  • Disposable Drinkware: plain foam cups, plastic 'glasses'
  • Disposable Tableware: plain foam dinner/cake plates; plastic forks/knives/spoons; paper napkins
  • Drinks: Tea (Sweet or Unsweet); Coffee (on request); Punch (on request)
  • Other: Ice

In-House Equipment

  • Folding tables & chairs; Black or Dark Blue tablecloths (cloth, not plastic)
  • Basic serving-ware (serving spoons, knives, forks; crock pots, warming trays)
  • Ice Chests


  • Streamers
  • Banner (Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, etc.)

Event Specific

Dance Events

Youth Events