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Canyon Lake Event Center is a Multi-Purpose Private Rental Facility providing one-time or recurring, hourly or daily rental space to the Canyon Lake Community. Not only does The Event Center host all types of Events & Rentals, we have Wholly Owned Affiliates and Contract Business Partners that sponsor or provide services for events & activities, or that offer regularly scheduled commitments.

Events & Rentals

Canyon Lake Event Center is a Private Rental Facility , and we also work with Affiliates & Partners to provide regularly scheduled Public Events, such as: Fitness, Martial Arts, Education, Dance, and Market Days.

Affiliates & Partners

Canyon Lake Event Center is not only for Private Rentals, we also have Wholly Owned Affiliates & Contract Business Partners that use The Event Center as a Primary or Satellite Business Location to hold regularly scheduled events, classes or training.

CLEC Facilities

The Event Center has 3 Primary Indoor Areas available for your use: The River Room & Lobby Area, the Woodland Room, and Gene's Garage. We also have a Make-Ready Area & Kitchen, and small Client Room. Our River Room & Lobby Area can be separated with a removable wall. The Woodland Room and Gene's Garage have double door entries from the Lobby that when fully opened provide a unobstructed feeling between the rooms. The River Room & Lobby Area share a white ceramic tile floor; the Woodland Room has an Light Oak laminate wood flooring; Gene's Garage was literally an automotive garage so it has a concrete floor that is usually covered with EVA foam padding.

Personnel & Instructors

Canyon Lake Event Center maintains Personnel Profiles for Affiliate Staff as well as Business Partner Personnel that are regularly at The Event Center. Please note that we are a Youth & Family Oriented Facility, therefore we maintain a No Sex Offender Staff Policy.

Services & Equipment

Canyon Lake Event Center provides many Supporting Services & Equipment; including: in-house Electronics (Audio/Video/Lighting), coordinating Food Services, Catering & Baking, helping with Graphic Design & Printing, providing Kitchen, Serving & Table Ware, and Photography & Photo Printing.

CLEC Incorporated

Canyon Lake Event Center is a Texas C Corporation owned and operated by Billie Kay Watts and Scott Mozisek.
Billie Kay & Scott are proud to live in the Canyon Lake Area, and both work personally & professionally towards building an even better community.

Documents & Forms

As good business practice, Canyon Lake Event Center may require Partners, Clients or Guests to provide certain information and agreements. Most Documents & Forms are listed here so that requested information can be reviewed. Generally, Event Center personnel or Partner Personnel will inform you which document is appropriate for your use. Some documents may be filled-out electronically!

Policies & Procedures

As good business practice, Canyon Lake Event Center maintains Policies & Procedures. Generally,  Policies & Procedures apply to Affiliates, Partners, Clients & Guests. These Policies & Procedures are a continuing work in progress ...

Please Contact CLEC for more information.